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Tummy Tuck

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What is a tummy-tuck?
This is a procedure for abdominal aesthetics. Tummy tuck is a term used to describe tight stomach. It encompasses all procedures performed to the abdomen and the surrounding areas to aid in recovery. This is crucial in women who are losing weight or have become saggy during pregnancy. In the Tummy Tuck technique, unlike the classical abdominal tuck not only the lower abdomen but also the abdomen, waist and groin areas are treated as a whole.

The Abdominoplasty Operation is the process of removing a piece of equipment. Liposuction Laser liposuction and Tummy Tuck in Turkey new-generation methods of liposuction, which remove excess fat from these areas will give patients the results they want. This comprehensive approach could aid patients in getting the look they desire. The tummy tuck is not just about shaping the body and improve posture. It involves a variety of procedures and procedures which are integrated with specific treatment plans. The purpose of the tummy and combined operations to shape the body is shaping. Tummy tucks don't aid in weight loss. .

Patients who have lost more than 20kg and have several children may be suitable candidates for surgery on the abdomen. Tummy Tuck surgery is among the most effective techniques to address issues such as cracks, sagging, loosening and sagging abdominal adipose tissues. This could be due to the weight gain during pregnancy, which is not able to be corrected following birth. For Tummy Tuck in Turkey vision that is sagging, especially after weight loss related to sports, surgery is the only option. For a firmer , more youthful appearance, combine abdominoplasty and liposuction. Tummy tuck won't help to lose weight. It can create a shape to your body. Tummy Tuck operation gives the patient a fresher and more natural look by tightening areas such as the abdomen, groin, and waist, which reduces the appearance of the body and shaping its posture.

What is the procedure for tummy-tuck?
While the process for a tummy tuck is identical, every patient's experience will vary. The time required for the operation can vary based on the specific needs of the patient. It could take up to five hours. Additional body shaping procedures can be added to the surgery when needed. When the patient is deemed acceptable, general anesthesia is administered and Tummy surgical tuck begins. The procedure of abdominoplasty is identical to the actual procedure, but the experience of each patient will be different. The duration of the procedure will depend on the individual's requirements. It could take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours. If needed, additional body shaping operations can be carried out to prolong the time of operation. General anesthesia is given to those who are approved to undergo the procedure. Abdominoplasty surgery then begins.

There are numerous options for abdominoplasty. The incision is hidden beneath the panties. The incisions of each person will differ in size, shape or cut point. Full abdominoplasty stretches the abdominal skin, strengthens weak muscles, and finishes the tummy Tuck. Incisions are only created if there is excess skin covering the upper portion of the abdomen. The mini abdominal and tummy lift is a less invasive procedure. However, it is suggested for patients who have more unwanted adipose or have deformities to the navel's lower part. If the abdomen as well as the skin on the chest, has become too saggy, or if there's excess skin and deformity, the reversive stomach tuck procedure is carried out. In the beginning, incisions need to be made under your breasts. Brust enlargement can be achieved simultaneously with abdominoplasty.

The person is then allowed to leave home. The effects of anesthesia is expected to be fading off. The patient's condition is stabilized and a medical examination will be conducted after the procedure.

Can an abdominal lift be performed without surgery?
Yes there are non-surgical tummy tuck methods. One of them is liposuction. It is among today's most sought-after procedures. It doesn't remove excess skin , but it can remove any fat that can create a sagging appearance. It is only recommended for people who have elastic skin and whose abdominal muscles aren't weak.

ThermiTight creates a tense appearance by using heat energy. It offers abdominoplasty using heating. It is favored by those with a sagging abdominal skin that is thin but not excessive fat tissue.

CoolSculpting is the third procedure. This freezes fat cells, and then eliminates them from the body. It has been observed that around 20% of unwanted fat tissue is eliminated after a one session of treatment. This treatment is a great alternative to Tummy Tuck.

The fourth method is EmSculpt. This device induces natural muscle contractions to improve the abdominal muscles. It is also employed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This is the most effective method for people who have less fat and a more tight stomach. As the abdominal wall muscles weaken, this procedure is suggested.

The third method is Renuvion. This treatment method is where the skin gets tightened and rejuvenated by giving heat with radiofrequency using plasma energy. It can be performed in a variety of places, including the abdomen.

If you have a less amount of fat, and a slightly slim stomach, all these methods can work. These strategies may not work for everyone. The results may not be the way you'd like them to be.

What are you required to do before tummy surgery?
First of all, if you've made the decision to have an abdominoplasty procedure, you must determine if you're a good candidate for the operation after having the required medical tests. Your doctor should help you design a treatment plan. Discuss your goals with your doctor and the steps required to achieve these goals.

After the operation you'll feel exhausted and will need to rest. It is crucial to prepare everything before the surgery. As it is an operating procedure and you'll be expected to rest for a duration of. It is possible that you will require an assistant to help ensure your safety and carry your everyday tasks.

You must stop smoking before you undergo surgery. Nicotine could negatively affect the healing process since it decreases blood flow to the skin. Smoking cigarettes is not recommended prior to surgery and throughout the healing period. If you smoke, the risk factors and tissue damage will be increased.

In consultation with your doctor In consultation with your doctor, stay away from products such as blood thinners, nutritional supplements, and herbal supplements, because they increase bleeding.

You have to be at the same weight for a minimum of 12 months before you can be eligible to undergo a stomach tuck. The results of abdominoplasty can be negatively affected through weight loss or reduction.

After tummy tuck, recovery
After the operation your abdomen will be fully covered in bandages. Tummy Tuck is painless and there is no discomfort. After the procedure, you can use painkillers to ease your discomfort. Don't forget to follow your doctor's prescriptions for painkillers and antibiotics.

It is essential to take action immediately following abdominoplasty surgery in order to minimize the risk of clots and edema. Edema and swelling in the area of the surgery are normal.

After Abdominoplasty Turkey is completed, you will need to stay in hospital for 7 nights. An abdominoplasty should be followed by six weeks of wearing a supportive dress including corsets, bras and. This will allow you to heal faster and help keep the fluid flowing.

The stitches will be removed in two weeks, and you are able to take a bath. For approximately six months, you must not use the sauna or solarium.

When do you expect to see the results of abdominal surgery?

Tummy tucks are performed based on the needs of every patient. The final outcome takes about six months.


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